Dr hab. Katarzyna Person na konferencji „Eastern Europe's 20th Century Today”

Autor: Żydowski Instytut Historyczny
16 czerwca 2022 roku dr hab. Katarzyna Person z Działu Naukowego ŻIH wystąpi na konferencji w Imre Kertész Kolleg na Uniwersytecie w Jenie z referatem „Polish Jews and the Individual Search for Justice in the Immediate Postwar Period”.

Eastern Europe's 20th Century Today

Annual Conference of the Imre Kertész Kolleg

15.-17. June 2022
Venue: Rosensäle, Fürstengraben 27, Jena
Organizer: Imre Kertész Kolleg

Imre Kertész Kolleg will hold a concluding conference to mark the end of its government-funded fellowship programme. Over the years, the Kolleg has hosted more than 170 scholars, researching a vast range of topics in the field of Central and East European studies. We take the occasion to discuss not only what has been achieved so far but also and foremost to outline current perspectives, challenges and research trends in the relevant disciplines.

We asked leading scholars in their field to compose a panel for this conference and were able to put together 14 panel, running parallel in seven sessions.


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