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Oneg Szabat Ambassadors in Poland

By Anna Majchrowska

’I want to understand the story of my family’, ’I’m interested in the history of the Holocaust, because as a lawyer, I want to specialize in human rights’, ’I want to learn more about the life of Jews in Poland and about the Shoah’, ’I would like to get to know my roots’ — these were the motivations shared by this year’s participants of the Oneg Szabat Ambassadors Program.

Elana, Michelle, Elyakim, Elijah, Rachel, Sonia, Isabella, Rachel, Gregory are studying at the Penn University in Pennsylvania. They came to Poland together with Ira Blum, coordinator from the univerisyt. Their week-long visit in Poland had been organized by the Education Department of the Jewish Historical Institute as a part of the Oneg Szabat Program.

In the program, we emphasise the element of education, especially addressed at young people.

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