”Trying to dispel the myth”. Katarzyna Person on Jewish Order Service for “Times of Israel”

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
Katarzyna Person, assistant professor, Jewish Historical Institute, editor of the Complete Edition of the Ringelblum Archive, tells the “Times of Israel” about the Order Service, or the Jewish police in the Warsaw Ghetto.

Katarzyna Person, assistant professor, Jewish Historical Institute


“In Warsaw, as in other ghettos, the Jewish police played a part in deportations,” says Katarzyna Person, author of Warsaw Ghetto Police. The Jewish Order Service during the Nazi Occupation. “Members of the Jewish Order Service tried to round up people, bring them to the place where most people were taken to the death camp.”

szerynski_person_08.2021_CBJ.jpg [430.63 KB]
Chief Commissioner of the Order Service Józef Andrzej Szeryński,
responsible for many of the actions of the Jewish police from 1940 to 1942.
JHI collection, Central Jewish Library

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