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The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute Press (in the Institute’s structure: the Publishing Department) is responsible for publishing academic and popular science books on Jewish history and culture, with a particular focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The publications of the JHI Publishing House include works presenting the research of JHI employees, books by external Polish authors and translations, also from Hebrew and Yiddish.

A very important element of our publishing activity are memoirs and diaries, in series and individual volumes – testimonies from direct witnesses of the Holocaust and the post-war period, as well as historical monographs on the Holocaust and the history of Polish Jews before and after World War II.

A large number of JHI Publishing House’s publications are addressed at readers interested in Jewish literature and art: albums, catalogues, and in the future also belles lettres and poetry.

For several years, the JHI Publishing House has also been publishing books on Jewish customs, religious life and spirituality: monographs, anthologies, classic religious texts, commentaries or anthologies of articles.

Our publishing plans for the coming years include also a focus on humanities - social sciences, culture studies, philosophy. A very important aspect, often linking diverse works, is the subject of Polish-Jewish relations.

We are open to suggestions of new themes addressed at readers from all age groups.

Our publications are reviewed by independent academic experts, Polish and international. JHI Publishing House is included on the list of publishers issuing reviewed academic monographs, prepared by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (80 pts).


Publish with us

The JHI Publishing House would like to invite authors interested in the history of Jews to publish with us. We continue to expand the number of our associates and the scope of our interest. We guarantee professional and complex publishing and distribution.

We publish mainly books dedicated to a variety of issues related to Jewish history, culture and spirituality. We are interested in academic, popular science and literary books, as well as other interesting editorial forms and translations.

Please send your proposals in an electronic form to wydawnictwo@jhi.pl with „Publishing proposal” in the headline.

A publishing proposal should include:

  • a short information about the author;
  • representational fragment of the work (or the entire work);
  • synopsis, summary or index of the entire book in case of sending an excerpt.


If we’re interested in your proposal, we will contact you within 30 days.

We guarantee professional editing services after receiving a positive review. Additionally, the Publishing House reserves the right to keep the content of internal reviews confidential.

Regarding the History of Jews Quarterly (open calls, subscription) please contact the website.

Regarding the distribution of our publications, please contact the Bookstore.


Stylebook – guide for authors and translators (in Polish)




Contact (in the Institute’s working hours):

Editorial staff:

tel.: +48 784 366 451

Email: wydawnictwo@jhi.pl