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Tłomackie is a small street at the back of Bankowy square. The Tłomackie Bookstore is a new, updated version of the legendary bookstore which has been functioning at the Jewish Historical Institute building and specializes in broadly understood Jewish-themed books. Aside from bookstore, we also run a cafe in which you can have a cup of coffee and meet up with friends.

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Albums, academic books, belles lettres, poetry, philosophy, religion, social studies, essays and the best selection from the literary canon – all of these can be found at the Tłomackie Bookstore. We welcome you at the place which continues scientific tradition – before World War II, the building hosted the Main Judaistic Library and the Institute for Jewish Studies.

The interior of the Tłomackie Bookstore is a cutting-edge project and a moving metaphor at once. It has been designed by Warsaw architect Kacper Gronkiewicz. Wooden walls with cut abstract patterns were composed into an interior full of platforms, shelves and stairs caught in a net of geometric divisions. Seen from a distance, it builds into a contour of a synagogue which used to stand where the Blue Skyscraper stands today.

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Our guests can sit by the table at the mezzanine or on a platform with pillows on the ground level, comfortable for taking some rest with a book and a cup of coffee. We offer a brilliant selection of books, from poetry and non-fiction to albums dedicated to Jewish culture, and of course special publications from the JHI, such as volumes of the Ringelblum Archive – part of the Memory of the World UNESCO heritage list.

During our Czwartki na Tłomackiem [Thursdays at Tłomackie] events, you can also meet the authors.


Księgarnia Na Tłomackiem [Tłomackie Bookstore]

ul. Tłomackie 3/5

00–090 Warszawa

tel.: (22) 827 92 21 ext. 123
e-mail: ksiegarnia@jhi.pl


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