The Oneg Shabbat group kept the memory of the Jews imprisoned in the Warsaw ghetto and their deaths in extermination camps. Its members undertook a unique form of intellectual resistance against Nazi Germany. The result, the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, is the most important testimony of the Holocaust.

The Oneg Szabat Program was established by the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland to disseminate knowledge about the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, to make the preserved wartime documents available to the public and to commemorate the members of the Oneg Szabat group.

We continue the mission of Emanuel Ringelblum's associates – we want to save the memory of Polish Jews. We want the knowledge about the Archive and its creators to become commonplace. The Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, the so-called The Ringelblum Archive was entered in 1999 on the UNESCO Memory of the World list.