The JHI Press would like to invite authors interested in the history of Jews, especially from Central and Eastern Europe, to publish with us. We are constantly expanding the number of our associates and the scope of our interests. We guarantee professional and complex publishing and distribution.

We publish mainly books dedicated to a variety of issues related to Jewish history, culture and spirituality. We are interested in academic texts, editions of historical sources, as well as popular science works and translations. We do not publish contemporary fiction.

Please send your proposals in an electronic form to with „Publishing proposal” in the headline.

A publishing proposal should include:

  • short information about the author;
  • representational fragment of the work (or the entire work);
  • synopsis, summary or index of the entire book.

If we’re interested in your proposal, we will contact you within six months. Thank you for your patience.

It is necessary to obtain positive publishing reviews of a publication to qualify it for publication. The JHI Press reserves the right not to disclose the content of editorial reviews and does not justify negative answers.


Stylebook – guide for authors and translators (in Polish)


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Editorial staff:

tel.: +48 784 366 451



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