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Heritage Documentation Department has been collecting and gathering data on photographs and documents related to Jewish heritage in Poland since the 1990s. The Department’s main goals include:

Managing the Photography Archive

  • providing access to collections dedicated to the Jewish heritage in Poland, especially photography related to the life of Jews in the Polish territories, to individuals and institutions from Poland and abroad;
  • scientific research on the resources – recognizing, describing and inventorying photographic documentation;
  • researching the JHI photographic collection and preparing exhibitions and publications about it;
  • providing consultation and opinion on visual and audiovisual documentation.

Documenting, protecting and commemorating Jewish heritage in Poland: providing scientific information – based on the Department's collections – on existing monuments of Jewish material culture in Poland, with particular focus on the condition of tombs in Jewish cemeteries of Warsaw.


Photographic collections

The Heritage Documentation Department owns one of the largest photography collections in Poland, comprising ca. 80,000 images depicting the life of Jews in Poland from 1860 until today. Our resources include also collections of films, maps, publications and letters regarding the preservation of Jewish heritage in Poland in the recent decades.



tel.: (22) 827 92 21 ext. 130

e-mail: dokumentacja@jhi.pl


In order to arrange a query, please read the Regulations for using the collections of the Jewish Historical Institute.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to inform you that all cases regarding the access to the JHI collections, started before February 2021 (and earlier), i.e. when the old regulations on the use of the JHI collections were in force, should be completed by the end of June this year.

From February 4, 2021, new regulations for the use of the JHI collections apply, therefore all unfinished cases will be in force from July this year. processed in accordance with the applicable regulations. Please read the regulations for using the collections of the Jewish Historical Institute: https://www.jhi.pl/en/collections/access-to-collections


In order to learn about the collections of the Heritage Documentation Department, please contact us at: dokumentacja@jhi.pl

Browsing the HDD collections at the JHI Reading Room is possible from Monday to Friday, 10 AM-4 PM