Full edition of the Ringelblum Archive

In 2018, researchers from the Jewish Historical Institute will conclude their work on the complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive (38 volumes in the printed version).

This unprecedented endeavour was initiated by the Institute – a depositary of the Ringelblum Archive – in 1993. Since then, we have been continuing the works on conservation and digitalization of the original documents. The project engages historians, sociologists, philosophers, literature scholars, editors and renowned translators. Their shared effort helped rediscover many unclear or previously undeciphered documents; these documents, ordered by subject, make the materials collected by Oneg Szabat a commonly accessible source of knowledge about the life of Jews in occupied Poland. In the future, we intend to translate the entire edition of the archive to languages such as English, German and Spanish.

Contact person: Katarzyna Person, Phd

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The opening of the permanent exhibition was accompanied by the publication of book „Letters to Oneg Shabbat” edited by Professor Paweł Śpiewak and “Who will write our history” – the second completed and corrected edition of Samuel Kassow’s book.

We also publish – as separate book publications – journals and reports that are part of the Ringelblum Archive.


„Letters to Oneg Shabbat”

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This collection of essays accompanies the permanent exhibition — „What we were unable to shout out to the world” — and is an element of the Oneg Szabat program.

The participants of the project represent various fields of science and art. They have been asked to read documents from the Ringelblum Archive and to make an attempt to „bring this continent of experience closer to the readers”. The list of authors includes: Krystyna Dąbrowska (poet), Piotr Cywiński (historian, director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum), Marta Janczewska (JHI academic staff member), Bożena Keff (poet, essayist, literature researcher at the JHI), Jacek Leociak (literature historian), Piotr Matywiecki (poet, essayist), Tomasz Pietrasiewicz (culture manager, theatre director), Paweł Śpiewak (social scientist, historian of ideas, director of the JHI), Krzysztof Środa (writer, philosophy historian), Maciej Zalewski (philologist).

The common quality which connects all the essays – albeit different in form, approach, workshop, applied tools — is the task which the authors had to challenge. Each of them shows a „different face of the Archive”. Thanks to filtering through personal sensitivity and knowledge, readers receive not only a vast spectrum of interpretations of the source materials, but also a variety of questions asked in confrontation with an experience which evades definition.


'Letters to Oneg Shabbat' on the DELET website


Who will write our history?

Samuel D. Kassow

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Abraham Lewin

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Documents from the Warsaw Ghetto

Rachela Auerbach

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The last stage of resettlement is death

Gustawa Jarecka

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