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Workshops at the JHI. Photo by Agnieszka Wanat

1. The history of the Warsaw Ghetto in the documents of Oneg Shabbat – a workshop with archive materials and photographs

The goal of the workshop is to make the youth familiar with the work of the Oneg Shabbat group. During the meeting, students will learn about the variety of materials collected and edited by Ringelblum’s associates. Participants will work on copies of materials from the Archive. The students’ task is to work in groups and to analyse various types of archive materials, and later – to present the results of their analysis to other workshop participants (working method: „expert group”). The summary will be a discussion moderated by educators, during which we will relate to the diversity of methods in which the underground group was working, and tell the post-war story of the documents.


2. What they were unable to shout out to the world – the story and significance of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, exemplified by the biographies of the Oneg Shabbat associates – a workshop with film materials

The workshops tell the story of thee Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto through the lens of the biographies of the Oneg Shabbat group members. During the event, students learn about the origin of the group, biographies of its members, and the story of its founder, Emanuel Ringelblum. The students’ task is to learn about the biographies of selected group members and their contribution to the Archive. During the workshop, we will also screen films presenting the story of the documents after the war. The event will be accompanied by a discussion moderated by educators, during which participants will find out more about the shared parts of the biographies of the Oneg Shabbat members, their motivations, as well as about the circumstances of discovering the Archive and its contemporary relevance.


3. The archive more important than life

The aim of the workshop is to make students familiar with the history of the Holocaust through the lens of personal documents, written by Oneg Shabbat members. During the workshops, students will work with direct sources providing access to the documents of the liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto seen from the Jewish perspective – facts and emotions shared by victims and witnesses of the Holocaust. As the work progresses, subsequent groups of students will complete their work sheets and analyse documents on the forum of workshop participants. The workshop will be summarized in a discussion moderated by educators, during which we will refer to goals and motivations shared by the authors during the hiding of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto. We will also explain why the documents are one of the most important sources of knowledge about the Holocaust.


The main aims of the workshops

The aim of the workshops is to make students aware that the history of the Warsaw Ghetto is an integral part of the history of occupied Warsaw and Poland. The participants will learn about the fate of the Polish Jews under the German occupation and will gain an opportunity to reflect on the importance of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto for people living today.


Availability of the offer

  • The workshops are organized for groups between 10 and 30 participants,
  • Please make your reservation at least 14 days before the planned date,
  • A workshop lasts between 90–120 minutes.


Other groups interested in organizing a workshop are invited to visit the visit subpage.


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