JHI signed a cooperation agreement with Herzog College

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
Thanks to the agreement, both institutions will be able to effectively use their resources for research on the heritage of Polish Jews. The Jewish Historical Institute was represented by director Monika Krawczyk, and Herzog College – by professor Daniel Reiser.

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute and Herzog College express interest in:

  • academic cooperation and research in the field of Jewish history, emigration, culture and religious heritage, both in Poland and Israel;
  • organizing conferences on Polish-Jewich topics, such as Hasidism, Jewish education in Poland, Janusz Korczak, Sara Szenirer, etc.;
  • publishing joint issues in the peer-reviewed journals;
  • organizing study tours in Poland for researchers and educators who deal with Polish Jewry;
  • exchange of researchers for short periods of time;
  • cooperation in the areas of Jewish history and Jewish studies connected with archive research.


Established in 1920, Herzog College is recognized worldwide as one of the oldest and largest teacher training colleges in Israel. Currently, more than 3,500 students study at four campuses in Israel and teacher training seminars around the world.

The headquarters of Herzog College is located in Jerusalem, and its current patron is Yaakov Herzog (1921-1972), a diplomat, Israel's ambassador to Canada.


Prof. Daniel Reiser heads the Department of Jewish Thought at Hertzog College. He specializes in Hasidic philosophy, modern mysticism, and theology in the Shoah. In 2022, he joined the Editorial Board of the "Jewish History Quarterly", the JHI peer-reviewed periodical. He prepared the Hebrew version of the sermons of Rabbi Kalman Kalonimus Shapira, which were published by the Jewish Historical Institute as volume 25a of the complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive. The book can be ordered at our Tłomackie Bookshop, and in the digital version it can be found at the Central Judaic Library.

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