Professor Daniel Reiser joins the Editorial Board of the "Jewish History Quarterly"

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
We are pleased to announce that Professor Daniel Reiser, an eminent specialist in Jewish mysticism and philosophy, has joined the Editorial Board of the "Jewish History Quarterly".

Prof. Daniel Reiser heads the Department of Jewish Thought at Hertzog College. He specializes in Hasidic philosophy, modern mysticism, and theology in the Shoah. His latest books are Language of Truth in the Mother Tongue: The Yiddish Sermons of Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (2020); Imagery Techniques in Modern Jewish Mysticism (2018) and Sermons from the Years of Rage (2017). 

Prof. Reiser also prepared a Hebrew version of the sermons of Rabbi Kalman Kalonimus Shapira, which were published by the Jewish Historical Institute as volume 25a of the complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive. The book can be ordered at the Tłomackie Bookshop, and in the digital version it can be found at the Central Judaic Library.

The "Jewish History Quarterly" is the most important Polish scientific journal devoted to the history of Jews in Poland and other countries, as well as to Jewish culture and literature.

Jewish Historical Institute