Does anyone know the Chamaides family from Lviv? JHI Genealogy asks for help

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Our correspondent found documents of the Chamaides family from Lviv. Does anyone know this family?
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Burglary protection for 25,000 crowns. 15-year insurance policy from March 1914, belonging to Marceli Chamaides (detail)


"Jewels and jewelry in a closed fireproof safe – property of Apolonia Rubel."

This is a fragment of a description from the insurance policy of a six-room apartment of attorney Marceli Chamaides, living in a tenement house at 38 Sykstuska Street (today Petro Doroshenko Street) in Lviv (2nd floor).

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Lwów, Sykstuska Street, ca. 1925. Polona

Thanks to this mention, we easily found a little more information about Marceli's family, his birth certificate (1883 in Stanisławów) and the birth certificate of his wife Stefania née Rubel, who was born in 1893 in Lviv. Apolonia (Pesia Golda) is Stefania's mother. Stefania's father was Herman Rubel, a pharmacist from Brzeżany.

Documents of the Chamaides family from Lviv


Marceli had at least two brothers: the older Isidor, born in 1881, and the younger Markus, born in 1886 (he also became a lawyer and lived in Kraków). Their parents were Wolf Chamaides and Chaja Sima nee Falk. Wolf and Chaja came from Kałusz. Before the war, this city was part of the Stanisławów Province of the Second Polish Republic, and is now located in Ukraine. (Metric indexes are available at:

The documents were found in Jutrosin near Rawicz (Greater Poland Voivodeship), more than 500 kilometres from Lviv. It is not known who brought them and how they ended up in Jutrosin.

Mr. Wojtek, who found the documents, will be happy to hand them over to the relatives of the Chamaides family, if anyone can be found. He wrote to us: "I know what a joy it would be to get pictures and documents from someone about my family."


Has anyone heard about the Chamaides family from Lviv?

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