Does anyone know the Wulkan family from Oświęcim? JHI Genealogy asks for help

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We are looking for the descendants of the family Wulkan from Oświęcim. We received a letter with the information that Mr Ireneusz from Germany has the machzor (prayer book) which belonged to Aron Wulkan, and he would like the prayer book to be returned to the family.
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According to the testimonies which we found in Yad Vashem, Aron and Rywka née Zilbiger had five kids: Izrael, born in 1910, lived in Grybów with his wife Ester; Efroim, who submitted his testimony to YV, died in 2013 in Bnei Brak; Jakob, born 1909, lived in Kraków with his wife Frida from Brzostek; Szaul, and Mosze.

Mosze was born in 1919 and resided in Oświęcim. He was a seller of agricultural products and was the owner of a private house of prayer in Oświęcim.

In the telephone book from 1934, his telephone number is 104, and the address is 11 Sienkiewicza Street.


Does anyone know the Wulkan family from Oświęcim?

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