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Adam, age 86, came to us with the kind of story, which can usually be only seen in films. He was born to a Jewish family in a small village near Tarnów. The family – Adam, his younger sister and their parents – survived the war in hiding. Toward the end of the war, another brother was born – Lolek. Not long after – tragedy hit. In early 1946, both parents were murdered. The children (Adam was 14 years old, Lolek was just a few months old) were separated. Adam and his sister were taken to a children’s home outside Warsaw while Lolek was put in an orphanage for younger children.

Adam and his sister were adopted by a Jewish family and moved into a new apartment in Warsaw. Adam insisted that the family take in Lolek as well, but by as it turned out the younger brother was already adopted by another family.

Adam did not forget his brother. For 70 years he was looking for him. Then he came to our office. With documents found in our archives, we were able to find information regarding Lolek’s adoption. As it turns out, the adoptive family left to Israel a few years after taking him in. In Israel, we were able to find Lolek – Arie, Adam’s brother, who knew nothing about his early years nor about the fact he was adopted or had a brother.

Thanks to our work, the brothers met for the first time in Poland after decades. Sadly, both passed away shortly after the meeting. We can only find comfort in the fact the brothers were able to meet at the last moment.

Trailer of a documentary on TV Israel


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