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Perpetrators of genocide are everywhere. Testimonies from Cambodia, Rwanda and Bosnia

By Jewish Historical Institute

All around the world, methods, problems and areas of research are being investigated in order to provide better understanding of the phenomenon of genocide – its sources, nature and place in the history of humankind. The Jewish Historical Institute is an active participant of these efforts. We would like to invite you to a special event which will take place on 2 September at the JHI, 3/5 Tłomackie street.

One of such new areas is the field of comparative studies dedicated to seemingly distant regions, cultures and political realities, where acts of genocide occurred. What is the link between these „bloodlands”, geographically and historically? Which similar events were happening in communities, where similarly horrifying concepts had emerged: Nazi Third Reich, Cambodia in the 1970s, Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990s? This is our first event dedicated to this subject.
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