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Premiere of „In Rejdł”

By Marta Janczewska

On 10th December, 1940 at 5:30 pm, nearly a month after the creation of the Warsaw ghetto, took place the first theatrical premiere in the closed quarter: In Rejdł (In a circle). Eldorado Theatre at 1 Dzielna Street, which was staging the play, was the first officially opened theatre of the ghetto.

The two-hour-long performance in Yiddish was a comedy show: a combination of skits, songs, dances, recitations and one-act plays. Names of some of the actors taking part in the play are known to us: I. Wolfowicz, E. Milsztejn, A. Samberg, E. Goldenberg, Sz. Kutner, the others are falling into oblivion. Thanks to Herman Czerwiński’s review published in „Gazeta Żydowska” on 20th December, 1940, we also know the course of the show.

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