Resolution of the JHI Programme Board


The Board of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, after reviewing the official activity report for 2023 and the press allegations reported in and other media, as well as the explanations of Director Monika Krawczyk, has forwarded its recommendations regarding the need for appropriate adjustments to the functioning of the institution, but nevertheless finds no basis for criticism of the Director’s work. The Institute’s proceeding is consistent with the substantive and financial plans approved in advance by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (the organizer of the institution), and carried out accordingly. Jewish Historical Institute has recently organized many projects positively influencing the development of academic work, propagation of knowledge about the history of Polish Jews and the perception of work for Polish-Jewish relations on the international stage.

The Board notes the anonymous nature of the allegations submitted to some media and the fact that they have not been received by the appointed bodies (in accordance with the anti-bullying procedure, submitted to trade unions, or reported in any other way). In particular, the Programme Board has not received any complaints about the functioning of the Institute in the current or previous terms of its office, either substantive or concerning interpersonal relations.

The Board notes with satisfaction that the Directorate has already asked for a ministerial audit of the JHI activities to verify the allegations.

The Board asks for the Institute's anti-bullying procedure, dating back to 2013, to be updated in consultation with JHI staff. The Board also invites representative of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute in Poland and the Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland to participate Board’s meetings.

The resolution was adopted unanimously by those present.