Do you recognize this place?

Written by: Dział Genealogii ŻIH
Josef Feingold was born in Warsaw, to a merchant family who lived in Kacza st. He survived the war and camps, and immigrated to Israel. In the 60s he returned to Poland — to see his family graves, and came home with these pictures.

 We are trying to help the family identify the place, which is probably around the Kamieńsk-Radomsk area. It could not be Kamiensk — as the cemetery was bulldozed in the early 60s, and it is not the cemetery in Chmielnik — where the family originally comes from. The trees resemble those in Radomsk, and maybe Belchatów. The hill and road might be good for deciphering this riddle.
And why is he taking pictures with the back of the Macewa and not the written side? did he come back, see the Kamiensk cemetery in ruins and went to a jewish cemetery nearby, said Kadish, paid his respects and took these random pictures? This is our theory. Please tell us if you recognize this place.


Dział Genealogii ŻIH