Fr. Professor Alojzy Ludwik Chiarini in Warsaw

Master’s thesis by Dwojra Raskin, defended at the University of Warsaw in 1937 as part of the seminar of Prof Meir Balaban, is kept in the archives of the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute.

Paweł Fijałkowski — an archeologist and historian, journalist. Since December 1988 a research fellow of the Jewish Historical Institute. In 1999 he was granted a Doctor of Humanities degree on the basis of his thesis „Żydzi w województwach łęczyckim i rawskim w XV–XVIII w.” [Jews in Łęczyca and Rawa voivodeship from the 15th to the 18th century].

,,It is just a preview of the author’s academic skills. Unfortunately, the tragic end of her life did not allow her to expand and improve the historical workshop. Therefore, it is important to recall her achievements, from which today can benefit not only the students [...], but also researchers interested in complex Christian-Jewish relations. The author thoroughly examines the documents of the era, of which many were irrevocably destroyed by the war. It is the reading of these documents that can provide insight into the mechanisms of the functioning of the University of Warsaw (founded in 1816), and especially the Faculty of Theology, in which Fr. Ludwik Luigi Chiarini was active in the 1820s. A valuable complement to the text [...] is a short introduction by the author of the studies, Pawel Fijałkowski, who describes too early terminated life of Dwojra Raskin and an extensive afterword devoted to the current state of research on the life and work of Fr. Alojzy Ludwik Chiarini.” (Prof. dr hab. Stanislaw Obirek, University of Lodz, Faculty of International and Political Studies)

,,The thesis of Dwojra Raskin and its accompanying text (introduction and afterword), as well as included archival photographs constitute a valuable source for understanding the history of Christian relations — and Polish-Jewish relations in the early nineteenth century, and Jewish studies in the early nineteenth century, and the history of Jewish studies in the interwar period. The publication was prepared maintaining standards of scientific accuracy in terms of form and substance.” (Dr hab. Michał Galas, Jagiellonian University)

On 23rd May, 2013 at the JHI, took place a lecture given by Paweł Fijałkowski (The Warsaw Research Group), the publisher of a book by Dwojra Raskin entitled “Fr Professor Alojzy Ludwik Chiarini in Warsaw (with particular emphasis on his attitude towards Jews).”

Author: Dwojra Raskin, study, introduction and afterword — Pawel Fijałkowski
Cover type: hardcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institute
Isbn: 978-83-61850-45-8