Shoulder to shoulder? Jewish involvement in Poland's aspirations for independence 1794-1918
Numerous circumstances caused few Jews, usually assimilated and attached to Polish identity, to take up arms in the Polish uprisings. We try to answer several questions: which processes led to the Jewish involvement in the fight for bringing Poland back on the map of Europe, and which discouraged them from the patriotic outburst?
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We show 150 objects of the period: relief prints, photographs and paintings. The oldest come from around 1800 and the newest from 1930s. We present the roles of specific personalities in the armed struggle. One of them was Berek Joselewicz who became a symbol of the Polish-Jewish brotherhood and the fight for independence of the common Motherland.

First part of the exhibition covers the timeframe from Grand Sejm to the “Paskiewicz night”. It shows the difficult relationships between Poles and Jews at the end of the period of Old Poland, first shared efforts against Russia during the Kościuszko Uprising, finally, fighting along Napoleon and in the November Uprising. The second part encompasses 1861, when several minor anti-Russian demonstrations were seen as a Polish-Jewish reconciliation, as well as the January Uprising and its consequences. When talking about the 1860s we get to 1918 when Poland regained freedom. Third and last part of the exhibition is the The Funeral of the Five Fallen in 1861 by Aleksander Lesser.


Temporary exhibition 13.11.2022-26.03.2023

Exhibition idea: Monika Krawczyk

Curators: Jakub Bendkowski, Paweł Fijałkowski

Texts authors: Jakub Bendkowski, Paweł Fijałkowski, Marek Gałęzowski

Exhibition architecture: Aneta Faner

Realization: Kontra Pracownia Plastyczna Tomasz Marzec

Graphic design and catalogue: Bartosz Tymosiewicz

Editor: Aleksandra Żdan

Conservation supervisor: Violetta Bachur

Communications and program of the accompanying events: Przemysław Batorski and Franciszek Bojańczyk

Lenders: Biblioteka Narodowa, Muzeum Niepodległości, Muzeum Narodowe w Krakowie, Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie


Tickets: normal ticket – PLN 15, reduced price – PLN 10


Project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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Day: 13.11.2022
Hour: 11:00
Place: JHI