Displaced. Fourteen stories from the Warsaw Ghetto – open-air exhibition
From July 22 to September 2, on Stare Nalewki Street, in the heart of pre-war Jewish Warsaw, we present an open-air exhibition devoted to refugees and displaced persons in the Warsaw Ghetto.

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The art installation, prepared for the March of Remembrance, 22 July 1942, consists of high concrete modules. They form fragments of the wall on which we present cards with the life stories of people displaced to the Warsaw ghetto.

The installation stands on the pavement of Stare Nalewki [Old Nalewki] Street, almost exactly where the border between the ghetto and the so-called the “Aryan” side was once located.

The wall of the Warsaw ghetto, which divided two worlds – Jewish and Polish – under the German Nazi order, condemned Jews to isolation. The world outside the ghetto was hostile, and living within the walls condemned them to hunger, poverty and disease. Refugees and displaced persons were in a particularly difficult situation – uprooted and deprived of the support offered by familiar environment.

Fourteen selected stories illustrate how much courage and determination required both living in the ghetto and seeking help on the other side of the wall.
After the exhibition is over, individual panels – cards with the stories of the displaced persons’ lives – will be sent to their hometowns. In this symbolic way, we will recall their stories in the towns they came from.



Curators: Marta Janczewska, Franciszek Bojańczyk

Organizer: the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute

Design project: Jan Strumiłło, współpraca Helena Wierzbowska

Production: IKG Aleksander Siedlicki

Text design: bisoñ studio

Editing: Marta Wojas

Translation: Zofia Sochańska

Supported by the Norway and EEA Grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and the national budget

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Day: 22.07.2022
Hour: 18:00
Place: Warsaw, Stare Nalewki Street