Accounts from the occupied and annexed territories | New volumes of the Ringelblum Archive
Join us on December 4 in a conversation about two new translations of the Ringelblum Archive.
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The Ringelblum Archive is one of the most important sources of Jewish life under the German occupation. People of many professions and walks of life involved in the Oneg Shabbat group collected and safeguarded several thousand testimonies, diaries, reports and literary and art works.

The Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute has been publishing the collection for more than 20 years, and is now in the process of translating the full edition into English.

We are proud to present two new translations of the Ringelblum Archive: "Accounts from the General Government" (editor: Aleksandra Bańkowska) and "Accounts from the Annexed Territories: Warthegau, Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia, Regierungsbezirk Zichenau, Upper Silesia" (editors: Monika Polit, Magdalena Siek, Ewa Wiatr).

We invited four distinguished scholars to discuss what the documents contained in these two volumes bring into our understanding of the Holocaust. Katarzyna Person will talk to Andrea Löw, Markus Roth and Robert Shapiro.

Andrea Löw is the Deputy Head of the Center for Holocaust Studies at the Institute for Contemporary History in Munich. Her publications include: Der Holocaust. Ergebnisse und neue Fragen der Forschung, Frankfurt am Main 2015 (editor, together with Frank Bajohr), Alltag im Holocaust. Jüdisches Leben im Großdeutschen Reich 1941-1945 (editor, together with Doris L. Bergen und Anna Hájková), Das Warschauer Getto. Alltag und Widerstand im Angesicht der Vernichtung, München 2013 (together with Markus Roth).

Katarzyna Person is assistant professor in the Jewish Historical Institute and a historian of Eastern European Jews. She has written a number of articles on the Holocaust and its aftermath in occupied Europe, and edited documents of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto. She is also the coordinator of the English translation of the Ringelblum Archive. Among her publications are Assimilated Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1940-1943 and Warsaw Ghetto Police: The Jewish Order Service During the Nazi Occupation.

Markus Roth has been a research associate at the Fritz Bauer Institute and editor of the Institute’s bulletin “Einsicht” since 2020. In 2008 he received his doctorate from the University of Jena. He was managing director from 2016 to 2020 at the Research Unit for Holocaust Literature at the University of Giessen. He wrote several books on the German occupation policy in Poland, on the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust and edited documents on the Holocaust.

Robert Moses Shapiro is Professor in Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College, where he also teaches courses in History, Comparative Literature, and Yiddish. His research has focused on Polish Jewish communal life in Lodz and Warsaw. His publications include translations of Isaiah Trunk’s Yiddish Lodz Ghetto: A History (2006), volume 1 of Y.Y. Trunk’s Yiddish memoir Poyln (2007), from Polish The Warsaw Ghetto Oyneg Shabes-Ringelblum Archive: Catalog and Guide (2009).


The event is organized as part of the Oneg Szabat Program with the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland.

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Partners of the event: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and the Polish Cultural Institute New York

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The volumes were translated and published with the support of the Taube Philantropies

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Day: 04.12.2022
Hour: 19:00
Place: online