To save from oblivion — Jews from Rudnik

Written by: Dział Genealogii ŻIH

In January of 2020, a new exhibition will open in Rudnik nad Sanem — a town in Nisko County, Subcarpathian Voivodeship in Poland. The exhibition, organized by the Stanisława Tutka „Saving from Oblivion” Foundation, will showcase photographs made during the 1930s at a local atelier, ran by sibling photographers Eugeniusz and Stanisława Skoczylas. The preserved photos show Jewish residents of Rudnik – most of them unidentified. We ask for your help in identifying the people seen in these photographs. If you know anyone whose family comes from Rudnik, please share these photos with them. Read more about the Foundation here:

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Dział Genealogii ŻIH