“The Archive more important than life” available in English

Written by: Przemysław Batorski
Prepared by educators from the Jewish Historical Institute, a popularizing work devoted to the Warsaw ghetto and the activities of the Oneg Shabbat group is now avaliable in English.

We are pleased to present the book which – as we believe – will help you deepen your knowledge about the history of Polish Jews during World War II. The book provides crucial information on the Warsaw Ghetto and the Oneg Shabbat group that operated within it and whose founder had been a historian, Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum. His team worked in conspiracy, gathering comprehensive records of the Jewish community’s life and death under the German occupation. While shortly introducing their work, we also care to address several themes related to the fate of Polish Jews during World War II.

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In the book, you will find not only the definitions of some key terms and notions, biographical notes, and source texts from the Ringelblum Archive but also a rich illustrative material: photographs and maps, showing the history of the Warsaw Ghetto and the works of the Oneg Shabbat group.

Inside the book The Archive more important than life

The publication accompanies the JHI permanent exhibition ‘What We’ve Been Unable to Shout Out to the World’ and is part of the Oneg Szabat program. The aim of the program is to make the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto (the Ringelblum Archive) available to the public to commemorate the members of the Oneg Szabat group.

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