Nine exiles. Shoulder to shoulder

Written by: Przemysław Batorski
An amazing photograph taken near Minsk in the beginning of 1862.

Nine men - exiles, arrested on October 15 and 16, 1861 for participating in the celebration of the death anniversary of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Warsaw. They are Poles and Jews - participants of joint demonstrations of 1861, which went down in history as the time of exceptional fraternity of both nations.

The photo taken on the way to exile shows:

  • Stanisław Ambrożewicz (Ambroziewicz), student of the Medical and Surgical Academy,
  • Jakub Feingold (1839-?), shop assistant in Warsaw,
  • Władysław Garczyński (1834-?),
  • Bernard Goldman (1841-1901), student of the Medical-Surgical Academy, member of the Warsaw Police Department in the January Uprising, arrested, escaped from prison, then emigrated, from 1870 in Galicia, politician, member of the Galician National Sejm,
  • Józef Hertz (1841-1890), shop assistant, then a merchant in Warsaw,
  • Saladyn Wiktor Ramlow (Ramloff) (1840-1882), doctor, student of the Medical-Surgical Academy, student of the Polish Military School in Cuneo, a camp doctor in the 1863 uprising, from 1864 in exile in France, organizer of ambulances and military doctors during the Franco-Prussian War, doctor at the construction of the Panama Canal,
  • Henryk Senator, student of the Medical and Surgical Academy in Warsaw,
  • Maksymilian (Maurycy) Unszlicht (1839-?), Graduate of the Rabbinical School, student of the Medical-Surgical Academy,
  • Leon Wagenfisz (1841-1911), studied at the Rabbinical School, student of the Medical-Surgical Academy, in 1863 district head in the Municipal Organization, arrested again, imprisoned in the Warsaw Citadel, sent to hard labor, returned to Warsaw after 20 years.


On November 13, we invite you to the new temporary exhibition “Shoulder to shoulder? Jewish involvement in Poland's aspirations for independence 1794-1918”.

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Why were some Jews involved in the fight for Poland's return to the map of Europe? What discouraged others from being patriotic? We will tell about the heroes of national uprisings and those who adhered to traditional Judaism. About common struggles with the Russian enemy and brotherhood in exile.


Photo from the collection of the National Library in Warsaw

Source of information about the photo: Historical Museum of the City of Krakow

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