March of Remembrance 2014

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
On 22nd July, on the 72nd anniversary of the beginning of the liquidation of the Warsaw ghetto by the Nazis, on the March of Remembrance, we will walk the streets of the annihilated ghetto, honoring the largest Jewish community of pre-war Europe.

„What we were unable to shout out to the world, we hid under ground. May this treasure end up in good hands, may it live to see better times, may it alert the world.”

(from Dawid Graber’s will)


This year’s March is in a special way dedicated to Emanuel Ringelblum, founder of the underground archive of the Warsaw ghetto, and therefore the last stop of the March will be the square in Nowolipki Street where after the war the so-called Ringelblum Archive, the richest source of knowledge of the Holocaust of Polish Jews, was found. 

Program of the March

6pm Inauguration of the March of Remembrance in front of the Umschlagplatz monument.

(the participants will be given ribbons with names of the Victims)

The route will lead through the following streets: Stawki, Karmelicka, Dzielna, Jana Pawła II, Nowolipki 

7:30pm End of the March by the square in Nowolipki Street


Jewish Historical Institute