JHI signed a cooperation agreement with Dubnow-Institut

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
Thanks to the agreement, both institutions can conduct closer coordinated research. The Jewish Historical Institute was represented by the director Monika Krawczyk, and The Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow by Professor Yfaat Weiss.

Professor Yfaat Weiss; director Monika Krawczyk


The parties "intend to undertake scientific cooperation in the field of Jewish history and culture, with an emphasis on the contemporary history of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe and Jewish material culture."

Scientific cooperation may concern:

  • joint implementation of research projects and exhibitions
  • joint research projects with particular emphasis on the archives of the JHI, to which scholars from the Dubnow-Institute will have full access for research purposes
  • scholars from the Jewish Historical Institute will have full access to the collection of the Dubnow-Institut for research purposes


The Leibniz Institute for Jewish History and Culture – Simon Dubnow (DI) conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of the history of Jewish life in Central and Eastern Europe, from the Middle Ages to the present, as well as the history of Jewish emigration in the Americas and settlers in Israel. Simon Dubnow (1860-1941) was a historian, political thinker and writer from present-day Belarus, a researcher of Judaism and a supporter of the Yiddish language. He was murdered in the Riga ghetto.

Professor Yfaat Weiss has been managing the Dubnow-Institut since 2017. She teaches modern history, especially Jewish history, at the University of Leipzig and also at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Privately, she is the daughter of Szewach Weiss, former Israeli ambassador to Poland.

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