From November 2, until further notice, the Jewish Historical Institute is closed to visitors

Written by: Jewish Historical Institute
From November 2, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Jewish Historical Institute will be closed to visitors until further notice. Find out how to view our collections online.

Ladies and gentlemen,


feeling that safety is our upmost responsibility, from November 2, we are closing the Jewish Historical Institute to the public until further notice. This means the closure of exhibitions, reading room and the Tłomackie bookshop, as well as the suspension of on-site inquiries and any other stationary meetings.

However, our collections can also be viewed online, on the websites of the Central Jewish Library and the Delet portal. The Tłomackie bookstore works online at:

You can contact our Genealogy department by email (, phone (+48 22 602 472 557), on facebook.

We also invite you to contact us individually:


We apologize for the inconvenience and hopefully see you soon!

Jewish Historical Institute