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The Ringelblum Archive in the Ossolineum NATIONAL LIBRARY series

By Jewish Historical Institute

An anthology of excerpts from the Ringelblum Archive, edited by Marta Janczewska and professor Jacek Leociak, was published by Ossolineum in the NATIONAL LIBRARY series.

The common link between the documents collected in this book is – aside from informational, factual layer – their literary quality. Authors of the anthology present diverse forms of expression to convey their experience of the Holocaust: from personal testimonies (diaries, letters, accounts) to pure literature – poetry, prose, essay, press reports, even religious writings. The anthology contains, among others, Emanuel Ringelblum’s ‘Oneg Shabbat’ feature, excerpts from diaries written by Rachela Auerbach, Abraham Lewin, excerpts from personal testimonies from extermination camps survivors (Abraham Krzepicki and Jakub Grojnowski) and Gustawa Jarecka’s ‘The last stage of resettlement is death’, as well as Oneg Shabbat’s report ‘The extermination of Jewish Warsaw’.

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