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35th anniversary of death of Yitzhak „Antek” Zuckerman

Jewish Historical Institute

He was a romantic kind of person — Marek Edelman writes about Icchak Cukierman — He wrote letters to his friends in concentration camps. He had to smuggle some secret information in them, but apart from that, they were letters full of romanticism, flowers, love. The girls were crazy about him. He was really handsome. He had exceptional sense of beauty. He would rather talk about people than what was happening at the moment. He loved to laugh. He would tell jokes from far, borderland provinces. They were silly, but somehow they made us laugh. He liked people. He felt uncomfortable only when he had to shoot. In his view, shooting was a sad necessity, not something good.

In many moments of the life of Icchak Cukierman „Antek”, this necessity turned into everyday life. Cukierman was a co-founder and the deputy commander of the Jewish Fighting Organization (ŻOB) (Mordechai Anielewicz was the commander). About a dozen months after the suppression of the uprising in the ghetto, he led the Jewish unit fighting in the Warsaw Uprising. However, „Antek” was more of an organiser of underground social life than a soldier. He was also one of the most effective.

He was born 98 years ago, on 13th December, 1915 in Vilnius. 

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