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The fight and the destruction of the Bialystok Ghetto

By Jewish Historical Institute

During the night of August 15 the Germans began the second and final action of the liquidation of the ghetto in Białystok.

Bialystok district was incorporated into the Third Reich in July 1941. At that time, also the Bialystok Ghetto was created, where 45,000 Jews were locked. This situation lasted until February 1943, when the Germans began the deportation action from the ghetto. “On the streets froze life, laughter and noise was gone”, wrote Szymon Datner after the war, a historian, but also a witness to these events. “Excruciating was the sight of young children, apathetic and subdued, aware of what was awaiting them. Who will describe the anguish of the parents who were aware of the fate, utter helplessness in the face of the inevitable extermination. Within a few cold days, from the Bialystok Ghetto one-third of its inhabitants was deported”.

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