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Adina Blady-Szwajger and her „superhuman medicine”

By Olga Szymańska

Marek Edelman wrote about her: As a doctor and a human being she lived through the annihilation of the Warsaw Ghetto, she lived through the annihilation of its children. She led common life with her little patients and witnessed their death. Unlike many others she was there by every single dying child and she was dying with time after time. Adina Blady-Szwajger worked in the Bersons and Baumans Hospital from 11th of March, 1940. She survived liquidation of the ghetto and from 25th of Janurary, 1943, she was hiding in Aryan part of Warsaw where she became courier for Jewish Fighting Organization. Her book I Remember Nothing More is the most dramatic and shocking record of experiences of the doctor working in the Warsaw Ghetto. 

In September 1939 she was a student of the XVI trimester of medicine studies at the Medical University and in academic year of 1939/40 was supposed to graduate and be granted the right to practice medicine. From the beginning of the war she engaged in helping the sick – together with a nurse, neighbor from Świętojerska 30, they arranged “dressing station” in which she stayed without a break during three week long siege of Warsaw. She dreamt of pediatrics, thus even prior to establishing of the ghetto she reached out to the Bersons and Baumans hospital and its chief physician Anna Braude-Hellerowa, what she later recalled: Chief physician impersonated every dream and phantasies of a young pediatrician. She was well known and respected doctor, great organizer and community worker. Moreover, what was not indifferent to a young girl having her head in the clouds, she was a romantic.

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