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Exhibition „The Amsterdam of Polish Jews” is now open

By Jewish Historical Institute

On the 14th April, 2016, the exhibition of old prints titled „The Amsterdam of Polish Jews” prepared by JHI’s own Magdalena Bendowska, Ph.d. and professor Jan Doktór was opened.

It is a unique exhibition presenting connection between the censorship of publications in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth executed by the Jewish Sejm and the development of pressing of books in Hebrew and in Yiddish in Amsterdam against the backdrop of Polish-Dutch economic and cultural relations. 

The core of the exhibition is the collection of more than 200 volumes of old printed works from Amsterdam from 17th and 18th century. The authors selected 31 pieces which according to them are the best illustration of the described period of the development of Hebrew printing.

In Amsterdam, the city famous for its liberal editorial policy, where many texts were printed which otherwise would not be printed anywhere else, also Polish Jews were putting out there messianic works. 

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