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By the current exhibition we want to bring the viewer into the treasury of Jewish art

The subject of our exhibition, which is part of a series of projects celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, is research in the field of art history, motivated not only by a drive to uncover the truth, but also by a desire to commemorate the work of Polish artists of Jewish origin. The Jewish Historical Institute was founded out of a need to preserve the memory of the nearly annihilated nation and its culture, and this was to be achieved through research on both the Shoah and the rich history of Polish Jews that preceded it. One area that has always been important for the institution since the beginning is the contribution of Polish Jews (and Poles of Jewish origin) to the history of fine arts. At the beginning it was mainly thanks to one exceptional man, formerly an art dealer and social worker, who became a historian under the influence of the events of the war, and it was his unwavering determination that launched a new research area in Polish art historiography, which is still developing until this day. That man was Józef Sandel.


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