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We must find the Archive!

By Anna Majchrowska

„Remember! A national treasure is buried in the ruins. The Ringelblum Archive is there. Even if the ruins reach five storeys high, we must find the Archive”, called Rachela Auerbach during the commemoration of the third anniversary of the Ghetto Uprising. Thanks to the determination of people aware of the significance of documents hidden in the Borochov school, the first part of the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto was unearthed on 18 September 1946. 

Izrael Lichtensztajn, Emanuel Ringelblum’s close associate, worked at the Ber Borochov school at 68 Nowolipki street. Together with Dawid Graber and Nachum Grzywacz, students who were privy to Oneg Shabbat’s secret works – he was responsible for gathering and securing the Underground Archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, and eventually – for hiding it in the basement of the school.

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