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We must speak about anti-Semitism

Prof. Paweł Śpiewak's, Director of the JHI, invitation to a discussion panel on anti-Semitism which will be held on 3rd December 2015

There is a lot of hatred in Poland. Chauvinism awakens. Burning the effigy of a Jew during the anti-islamic rally in Wrocław caused uproar and dismay. We are not short of anti-Semites in our country: from the far Right to left-wing Liberals, f.e. Janusz Palikot. There is an atmosphere of assent and great dose of indifference towards this type of behavior. We must speak about it, we must analyze these phenomena. Many institutions spoke about it. I fully agree with the letter issued by Polish Council of Christians and Jews. These words sound powerfully:

On December 3rd we are organizing a discussion panel on various form of anti-Semitic attitudes. The most distinguished scholars will participate. Professor Ireneusz Krzemiński is the author of the third during the last 20 years report on Polish anti-Semitism. His latest book of which he was the editor, titled „The Jews – the Problem of a true Pole” was published in 2015. Professor Mirosława Grabowska, General Director of CBOS – Public Opinion Research Center, has been researching Polish nationalism for years. Wojciech Ogrodnik in his studies on farmers exposed how fervently anti-Semitic slogans are still being spread.

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