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Poland is not them

By Jewish Historical Institute

Recent years have brought a veritable flood of works concerning the history of Jews in Poland and Polish-Jewish relations. This second issue has been discussed in many works, however, most of them focus on it from the perspective of the Polish people — how did Poles treat their fellow citizens — the Jews, what they thought of them, which stereotypes were common among the Polish society. This issue has not been investigated from the Jewish perspective. Until this day we still don’t really know what how Jews perceived Poland and Poles, whether there existed any established national stereotypes. It is a problem which has in recent years garnered the attention of many scientists.

Additionally there exists, in certain circles, the conviction of the “anti-Polish” sentiments held by Polish Jews, a sentiment usually treated as an absolute truth, one that does not require any evidence. It would be worthwhile to investigate whether this stereotype is reflected in the Jewish press of the inter-war period. 

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