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Faces of Dynów

By Jewish Historical Institute

The three WERTENTEIL siblings in this painting were three of the seven children born to Duvid WERTENTEIL and Tilla WERTENTEIL. This Jewish family lived in the town of Dynow. By the time of the German invasion of Poland September 1, 1939 the family unit in Dynow had already been reduced in size. Jack, the eldest, had immigrated to the Untied States in 1937, at the age of 17. {Grandmother} died of throat cancer two weeks before the German invasion. 
WERTENTEIL Siblings (left to right): Jack (Yankl), Ben (Betzalel), Chancha WERTENTEIL
Upper left corner — Jack with Dynow landscape — sub-Carpathian mountains in the background. Within Jack’s figure is the train station of Etampes in France, where the station was filled with soldiers and refugees from the concentration camps. Jack witnessed countless scenes of families reuniting with each other, not having realized that they had survived. 

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