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This is a treasure which belongs to all of us and we have to protect it...

By Jewish Historical Institute

Anna Majchrowska in conversation with Piotr Wiślicki, Board President of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, about the Ringelblum Archive, the Oneg Szabat program and the most important tasks of the Association. 

Recently, in a conversation with Professor Paweł Śpiewak, we have discussed the shared history of the JHI and the Association. I would like to ask you about the Association’s main goals.

The Association is a custodian of the heritage of the Jewish nation – both material and spiritual. The material legacy includes archives of various documents and objects, some of them as old as mid-17th century, library comprising about 80,000 volumes, paintings, drawings, posters, sculptures, works of handcraft, metalwork, photography...

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