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Ida Kamińska’s theatres

By Magdalena Wójcik

On 21 May 1980, Ida Kamińska died in New York.

She had been living in the United States only for 12 years, after emigrating from Poland in the Summer of 1968. Being nearly 70 years old, she had to reorganize her life – and her theatre – yet again. Ida Kamińska was born in Odessa, in the theatre hotel. Her parents were there on guest appearances. Ida’s father, Izaak Kamiński, was a director, actor and theatre entrepreneur, and her mother, famous Ester Rachel Kamińska, was known as ’Jewish Eleonora Duse’.

Theatre ran in Ida’s blood. Her talent was revelaed quickly, when as a small child she made a stage debut alongside her mother and received a lot of praise. Still, she considered the role of Isaac in Abraham Goldfaden’s operetta Akeydos Yitschok (The Sacrifice of Isaac) at the age of 16.

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