A story from an old photograph

By Daria Boniecka-Stępień

Recently, Pnina Gutman came to the Documentation Department asking for help with identifying a photo taken in Warsaw during the Second World War. The photo depicts a little, nearly two-year-old girl held in the arms by a woman. They are against a background of one of the streets of Warsaw: on one side there is a row of tenement houses, whereas on the other — a park or square with trees. Further away we can see a tram no. 16. The photo was taken in 1943.

Pnina Gutman already contacted Jan Jagielski, head of the Documentation Department, years ago in order to precisely pinpoint her photo. At that time, Jagielski suggested that the photo might have been taken in Chłodna Street, towards Żelazna Street. The tram no. 16 was to be a confirmation of it as it had run through Chłodna Street during the German occupation. However, Pnina Gutman decided to come to the JHI because there was conjecture that the photo had been taken in a different place, possibly in Królewska Street.

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