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The closest friend of a Jewish child

By Anna Majchrowska

Roza Simchowicz was a teacher and a social activist. She dedicated her entire life to Jewish children. In the Warsaw Ghetto, where she helped children living on the streets, she had reached the very bottom of children’s poverty. As a result of disagreeing to set up a barrier separating her from patients, she became infected with typhus. She refused aid from Joint, believing that there are others who have contributed more to the society. She died in late November 1941 and was buried on 2 December at the Jewish cemetery.

Emanuel Ringelblum called her an angel living on Earth, an impersonation of kindness in one of his essays. Rachela Auerbach remembered that Roza was one of the brightest individualities in the Warsaw Ghetto, one of the most beautiful people she had met in her life. Lea Rotkop called her the closest friend of a Jewish child, who measured her own life against the fate of those who suffered the most and required immediate help – the youngest inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto.

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