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Full edition of the Ringelblum Archive — book announcements

By Wydawnictwo ŻIH

Before the end of this year, we will publish the third volume of the complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive in English – „OYNEG SHABES. PEOPLE AND WORKS”. In 2020, the JHI Press will also publish the last remaining volumes of the complete edition of the Ringelblum Archive in Polish: sermons of rabbi Kalonymus Shapira, Hashomer Hatzair press and an additional volume completing the series – additions, documents, regesta, annexes.

The documents collected in the volume Oyneg Shabes. People and works” constitute a record of various issues connected with the activity of the Oyneg Shabes group — an underground organisation of the Warsaw ghetto, which served as a scientific/research institute and was the only institution of this type on the Polish territory under the German occupation. One might say that almost every manuscript from Ringelblum’s Archive records something about Oyneg Shabes, but the materials collected here are particularly important for they show the organisation from various angles, familiarising one with its co-workers, its aims, the results of its activity and its significance for Holocaust history.

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