First Steps

What does one need to know about searching for roots? Where to begin? Whom to ask for assistance? How to prove your Polish citizenship? What are Jewish surnames? Read the articles below before you contact us with your questions.

Searching for Roots

How to look up your ancestors? Where to begin? What documents prove Jewish roots? What do you need to know to find even more information. We collected some useful tips.

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History of Family Names

Grandma’s name was Rosenberg. Am I Jewish? We hear questions like that rather often. Someone encounters a name with a Germanic sound to it and jumps to the conclusion that the name is Yiddish. Other “non-standard” Polish names are taken, due to their “exotic” nature, to be Hebrew — by individuals with no knowledge of Hebrew.

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Confirmation of Polish Citizenship

As part of the process of confirmation of Polish citizenship, the applicants must show their ancestors were Polish citizens and that no event took place in the lives of the applicants or their ancestors indicating loss of citizenship.

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