The one who was saving Jews

Irena Sendler is an extraordinary figure in the history of bringing help to Jews during the Nazi occupation. I was lucky to meet her. She was 80 at the time but she was young at heart. Beside a big heart and courage, Irena also had an organizational talent. Thanks to the fact that she had many friends at the Department of Welfare, she formed a group of social carers, with whom she closely cooperated saving Jewish children. 

Discussions with Irena were unique. From them I found out how she and her comrades had led children out of the ghetto. I perfectly understood how they were endangering themselves, helping Jewish children as I myself was one of such children. It was an activity on the verge of life and death. I decided to write about it because heroic deeds and unusual courage of Irena Sendler are not really known of and they doubtlessly deserve admiration and respect.


 Halina Grubowska

Halina Grubowska was born in 1933 in Warsaw. Since 1939, when with her parents she was forced to run away from her hometown, she has dreamt of going back there. She managed to do that only in 1986. She survived the Białystok Ghetto, and later, in the years 1943–1944, she was hiding un Suraż at the Leszczyńki family. She finished studies in Odessa. Since 1986, she has worked at the Jewish Historical Institute. 


Author: Halina Grubowska
Cover type: softcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institue
Isbn: 978-83-61850-39-7