Poland is not them

“The authors goal is to ‘reconstruct the image of Poland and Poles and their [Jews] own place in the Polish community, not as officially stated during political debates but as it was subjectively felt’. The work is an attempt to reconstruct some of the hidden meanings, some of what the reader of the periodicals would have learned from them about patriotism, Poles, motherland. The results are extremely interesting. Not only does the author introduce a lot of new information into the Polish scientific circulation but, most importantly, she manages to demonstrate to what extent the Jewish community in interwar Poland was not homogeneous (despite the many stereotypes which function till this day) and to what extent did this one community (of Polish speaking Jews) suffer from a certain schizophrenia of thought and opinion. Research reveals a community captured in a moment of metamorphosis, changing into a utterly modern nation where the old definitions of identity are no longer sufficient and new ones have not yet been properly established and accepted. Who are Jews, who are Poles, can Jews even be Poles? We can read these questions between the lines of the quoted articles.”


From the review by dr. Joanna Nalewajko-Kulikov

Author: Anna Landau-Czajka
Cover type: hardcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institue
Isbn: 978-83-61850-51-9