Missionaries and Jews in times of Messianic turmoil

„[The book] is a pioneering attempt in the Polish historiography to present Jewish-Muslim-Christian relations in the context of ongoing missions and their consequences, which the cases of conversion were. [...] It brings a new perspective and poses new problems, which contemporary research should identify. [...] This book is one of the most original works on interfaith relations (particularly the Jewish-Christian ones) ever written in Poland."

Dr hab. Michal Galas, Institute of Jewish Studies, The Jagiellonian University

„The work of Jan Doktór is fascinating. It shows the world of converts, living on the margins of the then Jewish and Christian society, people seeking, trying to find their own way to God, often unable to cope with the hardship of life in the new environment, sometimes impostors, often tragic figures. Very interesting are the relations of Christian millenarians with Jews, gripped by messianic fever. He reveals a fascinating world of people trying to build bridges between two [...] religions, or even a new syncretic religion. Picturesque language makes the reading [...] interesting to many readers, not only those interested in the history of the Jews."

Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Żbikowski, Jewish Historical Institute

Dr. hab. Jan Doktór is a Research Fellow at the Jewish Historical Institute (since the end of 1987), and the editor-in-chief of the „Jewish History Quarterly”; he studies the history of Frankism. He is the author of numerous publications (including the editorial work of Frankist manuscripts — Rozmaite adnotacje, przypadki, czynności i anegdoty Pańskie, 1996; Księga słów Pańskich: ezoteryczne wykłady Jakuba Franka, v. 1–2, 1997 [Various annotations, cases, activities, and anecdotes of the Lord, 1996; Book of the words of the Lord: esoteric lectures of Jacob Frank, v. 1–2, 1997]). 

Author: prof. dr hab. Jan Doktór
Cover type: hardcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institute
Isbn: 978-83-61850-76-2