Jew, that is who?

The subject of the academic study made in 1970–1979 by Feliks Celnikier is legal analysis of different definitions of the term Jew which functioned ideologically and in 1935 were formulated in the law of the Third Reich. 

Feliks Celnikier unveils the mechanism of Nazi legislators formulating the definition of „a Jew”, „Jewish resident”, or a person of „non-Aryan” descent. They were manipulations at variance with elementary rules of making legal articles. They were devious, ambiguous creations infected with randomness. They aimed to legalize the term „Jewish race”. They were not, however, able to fulfill this political task. 


The author proves absurdity of subsequent attempts by the Nazi authorities to make such regulations in occupied countries: Belgium, Belarus, Czechoslovakia, France, Holland, Poland. He analyzes these definitions in the context of the situation of Jewish people, their religious practices in countries with diverse occupational system.


Author: Feliks Celnikier
Cover type: softcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institue
Isbn: 978-83-61850-35-9