The book "Anxieties" Works of Tadeusz Różewicz to the Holocaust is a response to the invitation addressed to respected researchers of work of Tadeusz Różewicz. A peculiar motto for the treatises assembled in the volume could be a remark made by Maria Janion in the year 2000 that, "Różewicz was born as a poet of the Holocaust - an exceptional phenomenon and he remained that way." The authors decided to face this diagnosis, sometimes polemicising with it, and the result of such investigation is the evidence of topicality of this "never-ending task" what interpretation of any masterpiece is. 

But it was also important to us to make the reflection on Różewicz's writing in the Holocaust context, to a large extent also an auto-reflection, an attempt to answer an insoluble question of how to write today about the writing on the Holocaust. Our book is entirely devoted to this analysis. 

Piotr Krupiński

The publication was prepared with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Poland, financed by BMZ, and Szczecin University.

Author: Scholarly Editing By Piotr Krupiński
Cover type: softcover
Publisher: Jewish Historical Institue
Isbn: 978-83-61850-27-4