Reasentados - 14 historias del gueto Varsovia | exhibition in the Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid
From March 10 to April 19, we present the new version of the exhibition “Displaced. Fourteen stories from the Warsaw Ghetto", which accompanied the March of Remembrance in 2022 in the Centro Sefarad-Israel in Madrid.
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The Warsaw Ghetto was the largest of the ghettos created by the Germans in occupied Europe, and at its peak nearly 450,000 Jews were confined there. The wall of the Warsaw ghetto, which divided two worlds – Jewish and Polish – under the German Nazi order, condemned Jews to isolation. The world outside the ghetto was hostile, and living within the walls condemned them to hunger, poverty and disease. Refugees and displaced persons were in a particularly difficult situation – uprooted and deprived of the support offered by familiar environment.

Fourteen selected stories illustrate how much courage and determination required both living in the ghetto and seeking help on the other side of the wall.

Curators: Marta Janczewska, dr Justyna Majewska, Franciszek Bojańczyk

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The exhibition is organized by the Centro Sefarad-Israel, the Embassy of Poland in Spain, and the Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute.
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Day: 10.03.2023
Hour: 10:30
Place: Centro Sefarad-Israel, Calle Mayor 69, Madrid