We’re looking for Simon (Symcha) Trachter’s works

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The landscape — Kazimierz Dolny / Simon (Symcha) Trachter  /  source: JHI

Dear Readers and Followers,

this November at the Jewish Historical Institute, we will be opening an exhibition dedicated to the work of Simon (Symcha) Trachter (1894–1942). The oeuvre we know so far comprises only 29 paintings and drawings.

We would like to kindly ask you for help in our search for the painter’s works. Our request is addressed primarily at collectors and private persons who may own Trachter’s works. If our announcement will lead to discovery of an unknown artwork, we would like to present it at our planned exhibition after suitable examination.

Please contact Mr. Jakub Bendkowski from the Art Department: jbendkowski@jhi.pl.

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