Cudyk Akerman — notable Polish Jewish boxer

Recently we had a pleasure to host at our office son of Cudyk Akerman.

Wide cudyk 1
Cudyk Akerman

Cudyk was notable boxer born in Lublin in 1913 to Tuwja AKERMAN and Sura Szajndla GOLDFARB. In magazine Nasz Przeglad in 1935, Cudyk was said to be one of 3 best Jewish boxers in Poland.

He was a member of Hasmonea Lwow, Bar Kochba Rzeszow, Makabi Lublin and Unia Lublin. In 1937 Cudyk Akerman won bronze medal in Polish Box Champoniship in Poznan. In 1939 he joined ŻKS Makabi Sosnowiec but just before the war he left Poland and emigrated to Palestine. It was a pleasure to meet Mr Akerman born already in Israel and to see so many precious pictures, to hear stories about his famous father and help with rebuilding his family story.

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