Excellent Jewish football player goes abroad

Some the time ago the guest of the Department of Genealogy JHI was Leirner Adolpho, who came to Warsaw from Argentina to see his father’s homeland. We invite you to read the history of pre-war football star — Simon Lerner, member of the Warsaw club „Star”.

Wide gwiazda 1
Football team Gwiazda, Lolek Leirner (4th from the left side standing) and Simon Leirner (5th from the left side standing), Warsaw

Recently at the Genealogy department we had a pleasure to host Adolpho Leirner and his two daughters, Jaqueline and Betty. Adolpho came from Argentina to see his father’s homeland and decided to visit us. He showed us beautiful pictures and remind the story of famous Zimon LERNER who together with his brother Lolek and another player Szulzinger were considered as a best football players of Workers’ Association of Physical Education “Gwiazda” (in Polish “star”). 

„Today S. Lerner, notable Jewish football player, representative of Gwiazda is leaving Warsaw and moving to Brazil. On departure day of famous “Symek” we need to emphasize his contribution, not only to his club but to Jewish sport in general. Gentleman in every way, ambitious but always fair, he is an example of perfect sportsman. We need to mention also that S. Lerner was a founder of Gwiazda’s box section. Current level of boxers proves his perfect organizational skills. We would like to say goodbye to S. Lerner in ours and our readers’ name and wish him to continue the wonderful job.”


 The whole family emigrated to Sao Paolo, Brazil before the war and this fact hasn’t been unnoticed by local press. We would love to thank Adolpho and his daughters for sharing the story, precious pictures and pleasant time spent at our office together.

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