„David stayed in the Soviet Union”

“The feelings overhelm me, I cannot express this really with words. I never thought, I will be able to see the photos of grandpa and grandma. My father looks just like them.

Wide bez tytu u

The war. Many moved to the east. Dawid decided to go to Moscow, when the war between the Soviet Union and Germany started in 1941, his family, father, mother and brother Eli, stayed in Drohobycz, where they were living before the war (then it was Poland).  After the war, he decided to stay, as many others. New life, new family, children were born. The life should go on.

His son, Oleg never knew anyone of his father’s family, they perished, David searched for them, but never heared any news.
Today, when Oleg decided to ask, he could at least see photos of his grandparents, thanks to surviving family members placed in the Yad Vashem data base of Holocaust victims. But not only this — thanks to friends in Israel, we already have contact numbers to the family of his grandmothers family in Israel, the second generation.

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