Rozenberg from Radom — a beautiful love story

Londzia’s last name was not ROZENBERG. Her parents met in Radom. Him – Zenek ROZENBERG from a rich family, her – Gienia from an average Catholic family.

Wide zenek rozenberg
Zenek Rozenberg in his childhood years

Londzia’s last name was not ROZENBERG. Her parents met once in Radom. Him – Zenek ROZENBERG from a rich family, connected to the family of the foundry in Radom, her – Gienia from an ordinary Catholic family. When she was 20 she worked in Radom for a shop selling yeast and tobacco products Zenek must have come there just to see her or else someone from the family sent him there for shopping. This is anyway where they first met. This is also where they learned to smoke hiding from watching them strangers. It was a great love. Both families were terrified when they realized what was happening. Zenek was 2 years younger than Gienia. Zenek’s parents sent him to work to the far Pińsk. When the war broke out Zenek was already back in Radom and then in Warsaw. Gienia’s parents soon forced her to marry someone else. 

Her husband knew about her love and he accepted it, saying that he would wait for her to start loving him. Gienia gave birth to a little girl, and everything seemed to have been going according to families‘ expectations. Yet, Gienia and Zenek kept in touch all this time. When Gienia found out that Zenek and his family were in great danger, she immediately went to the rescue. She transported all family valuables from Radom to Warsaw. She saved her loved one. She came back home pregnant and soon she gave birth to Londzia. Her husband, wonderful person accepted even this and loved his new daughter as if she was his own. Londzia found out about her real father from her mother’s rare comments that if not for the war she would have had a different name and that she looks just like her father. She once even met him without realizing it. Only after the death of her loving dad, the one she lived with her whole life, with help of her sister, she went in search, yet still uncertain of whether to search. 

Now, her son took care of the investigation. He is looking for his grandfather. ROZENBERG is a very common name, also in Radom. Direct family of the owner of the foundry turned out not to be connected. This we have already checked. Someone have once said that it was a brickyard, not iron foundry. The boy in the picture is Zenek. Londzia is the one standing on the left in the picture with a friend. Striking similarity! Zenek was in contact with Gienia in 1950s or even longer. Supposedly, he lived then in Sweden. Maybe someone will recognize their father or grandfather in this photo? 

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