“This is a miracle. It’s spooky!”

Michoel CHAZAN with his aunt Doris were our guests some month ago. We were looking especially for one person in their family – great grandmother Toba Kajla FRIHER. The grave was found in the data base of the Jewish cemetery on Okopowa, so they went there to find it.

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“I went with the guide for over an hour and a half, going through the forest. I have to say I was very upset coming all the way to Poland and we didn’t find anyone. So we just stopped and said Kel Malay (a Jewish prayer for deceased), and took a few pictures by some random graves.”
After coming back home, Michoel was looking at the photos, he took in Poland…. “While looking at the pictures on Sunday I couldn’t believe my eyes. We were both standing next to our great grandmother’s grave, Toba Kayla Friher!”

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