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Szczerzec, a small town located in the district of Lviv region, over the Szczerka river, 29 km South-West of Lviv. In this town before the war and during it lived the Senik, Viertel and Osterzecer families. Whether in November 1942, the whole family was deported to the ghetto in Lviv, and then to the extermination camp (most probably in Belzec), it is not known. We just know that only Regina managed to survive...

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Regina Viertel’s Family. The family picture taken on the occasion of a trip to the Szczerka river in Szczerzec. The husband, whose name we do not know, was a railway controller. Szczerzec was probably one of the places of his business residence. Regina was born in Kołomyja in 1876, which we learned only after finding a registration card of the Central Committee of Polish Jews at the Jewish Historical Institute’s Archives.
It’s possible her husband came from Stanislaviv. In Szczerzec he was renting part of the house of Waleria Senik and her husband, the head of primary school in Szczerzec.
In the picture you can also see Regina’s daughter and son with their families. We know that the daughter married Fryderyk Osterzecer, a lawyer who had a law office in both Szczerzec and in Lviv, at Kochanowskiego 50 Street. Mother of Grażyna (granddaughter of Waleria Senik) worked for him before the war. Daughter or wife of Regina’s son was a dentist.
Grażyna, granddaughter of Waleria Senik, who is searching for information about „Babcia Filtrowa,” which is what she called Regina, was born in 1939 and cannot remember much from the wartime period. In her memory appears a girl visible in the picture. Way better than the little girl, who was at that time much older than Grażyna, she remembers her doll, which she envied and admired with all her heart. Her mother kept in memory of the Jews ran in middle of the road, some of them were her friends. She never forgot about them.

In the picture most likely is Regina’s daughter, together wity her husband, Fryderyk Osterzecer, an attorney in Lviv and Szczerzec.

Regina VIERTEL, post-war photo taken most likely at the time when she was issuing her emigration records. She then left a copy for her friend, Waleria Senik. 

They first settled in the barracks in Mikulczyce (today, district of Zabrze) as Grazyna remembers it for a period of so-called quarantine, then they went to Skoczów near Cieszyn. In Zabrze Regina registered at the Jewish Committee (see: Regina Viertel’s registration card), which was located in Zabrze, 3 Brysza St., in the building of so-called Small Synagogue. 
Regina Viertel, lived with the Seniks until 1948, when she decided to go to Israel. In the meantime in Wroclaw she met a distant cousin, perhaps both decided that the trip would be the best option for them, already elderly ladies.

Some time after they left, the contact broke, although it is difficult to say how quickly and why. A friend of Regina, Waleria, grandmother of Grażyna could say more, but sadly she is no longer alive.

Registration Card of the Central Committee of Polish Jews from the Jewish Historical Institute’s Archives for Regina Viertel born Laur, born on the 17th of September 1876 in Kołomyja, daughter of Chaskiel Laur and Rajzla Schauer. Registered in Zabrze, 25th of June 1946. At that time he was settled in Mikulczyce, in barracks available to the incoming/ returnees, who were in the so-called quarantine.
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Before the war the building was called Small Synagogue. It was built in 1898. During the expanding works of the large synagogue in Zabrze, the building served as a house of prayer, while at the same time it held archives of the Jewish community and housing for employees of the municipality. In August 1902, its interior was rebuilt. A mikveh (ritual bath) was built in the basement. During the Second World War, in October 1939, the Germans converted the building to the needs of the music school. Later, the Hitler Jugend school was located here. Currently, the building houses a Nursing Home.

Here, after the war was a local branch of the Committee of Polish Jews and the place of registration of Jews arriving to Zabrze from all over. Here registered also Regina (see: Regina’s Central Committee registration card on on the previous photo).

The building at Brysza 3 served different functions. Thanks to entries on the Central Committee registration cards we see that it was also a place to stay for children (Orphanage) for the elderly (old people’s home), for chronically/ terminally ill (State institutions for terminally and chronically ill). The building is small, probably minor were also individual departments.

Ustrońska St in Skoczów. Skoczów is in the Cieszyn district, in the Silesian Voivodeship.
It is situated on the Silesian Foothills, on both sides of the Wisła river. This is where the Senik family lived with Regina Viertel after the war.

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