Aron Majer, born in 1907 in Warsaw, son of Chaskiel Machenbaum and Zysla born Gurewicz. When he was 16, two years after his mother’s death (she died on the 22nd of April 1921, buried at the Okopowa Cemetery in Warsaw), he went to Switzerland to the family of her sister, her aunt married name — Horowitz. He never again mentioned his family, he never told his son, who was born already in Switzerland, what forced him to leave even though he had a family in Warsaw…

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Zysla Machonbaum born Gurewicz, daughter of Aron Halevi, in the photo with little Aron Majer. Photo taken at Linder’s photo atelier.

Linder Hersz. The owner of the studio at Twarda 24 St., earlier his atelier he had at Królewska 47 St.

Chaskiel Machonbaum, born in 1862, son of Majer and Ester born Gutglas. Photo taken in a „Seweryn” photography studio. He lived in Warsaw at 9 Mariańska St. 

„Artistic Photography — Seweryn” — Twarda 10 St., the owner was Frydman.

Zysla Machonbaum born Gurewicz, daughter of Aron Halevi. Photo taken at Boretti atelier.

Boretti Teofil Józef, lived in years 1834–1910.
He came from a family of builders of Italian roots.Jego father was Feliks Jan Maria Boretti, and his mother Anna Rozyna Hauschild. He had numerous siblings. In 1852 when he was 18 he started learning photographic crafts from his uncle Karol Beyer. In 1857 he opened his first atelier on Senatorska St, In Lagiewnickis’ house right by the Teatralny Sq. After obtaining concessions for being a professional photographer he moves his workshop to Marszalkowska 1403 St (Nowodworskis’ Tenement House). Under this address he has been working until 1870. In September 1870 he moved again, this time to Rymarska 6 St, and in 1871 to Rymarska 471e apt. 4, and again, in the same year to Długa 20/26 Street.

Aron Majer Machonbaum, born in 1907 in Warsaw, son of Chaskiel Machonbaum and Zysla born Gurewicz.

Pazetti Atelier at Królewska 47 St, in years 1908–1909 the studio belonged to Isor Singerowicz, who was a photographer of the Warsaw military district. Since 1910 the owner of the studio was Zawadzki Marian.

Aron Majer Machonbaum (sitting on railing) with his friend at the time when he lived in Warsaw. 

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