The results of the contest

Uroczystości 16 maja zamknęło rozwiązanie otwartego konkursu na projekt koncepcyjny związany z Wielką Synagogą.

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The announcement of the winners of the open competition for a conceptual design relating to the Great Synagogue closed the celebrations of 16th May.

 — We received 57 works of very diverse character. Among them, there are location-based games, films, lighting installations designs, scripts of sessions or workshops as well as architectural designs: columns, fountains, headstones. The aim of our competition was to raise awareness and remind not only of the magnificent building, but also of the people associated with it – the former Jewish residents of Warsaw — said a member of the jury, Teresa Śmiechowska.

The works submitted for the contest can be seen in the exhibition room of JHI in Błękitny Wieżowiec till the end of June. However, the installation itself, under favourable weather conditions, will be available to the public until the end of summer.

First prize winner

Second prize winner

Third prize winner

Audience award winner

Photo reportage from the announcement of the contest winners

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