The Choir of the White Stork Synagogue

On 16th May, at 6pm begins the performance of the Choir of the White Stork Synagogue.

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On 16th May, at 6pm begins the performance of the Choir of the White Stork Synagogue.

The presentation will have a form of a happening in urban space.The Choir of the White Stork Synagogue is the only professional synagogue choir in Poland. It performs pieces by Jewish composers, mainly synagogue music. It was established in April 1996 as an initiative of Wroclaw conductor Stanisław Rybarczyk as well as students and graduates of Wroclaw University of Music.

The Choir performs regularly in Poland and abroad. It Takes part in numerous festivals, inter alia, The Festival of Jewish Culture in Cracow, Festival„Wratislavia Cantans”, The Festival of Sacral Music in Warsaw, The Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw. Additionally, it took part in the events commemorating Kristallnacht in Hannover, Braunschweig, Berlin, Hamburg and Gorlitz. The choir accompanies church services during Jewish holidays and other celebrations in the Jewish Community in Wroclaw. The Choir has performed with the most famous cantors in the world, among others, Joseph Malovan, Moshe Schulhof, Roslyn Barak, Shmuel Barzilai, Moshe Stern, Laszlo Fekete and David Ullmann. It has also collaborated with Polish musicians: Justyna Steczkowska, Roman Kołakowski and Mateusz Pospieszalski as well as a well-known Norwegian artist of Jewish origin — Bente Kahan.

Music critics have extremely enthusiastic opinions of the Choir highlighting their brilliant skills as well as the unique atmosphere of the concerts. It popularizes songs by an outstanding Wroclaw cantor, the professor of the Warsaw Rabbinical Seminary in 1844–1889, Moritz Deutsch.

Stanisław Michał Rybarczyk

As a conductor he has collaborated with Wroclaw Opera, Wroclaw Philharmonic, PR and TV Center in Wroclaw, Regional Cultural Center, Art Center IMPART, Artistic Agency Pro Musica, University of Music in Wroclaw, Music High School in Wroclaw, Student Philharmonic in Wałbrzych and Theater Goerlitz (Germany). He is the founder and many year’s art director of Chamber Orchestra of PR and TV in Wroclaw, the Choir of the White Stork Synagogue in Wroclaw, Polish-German Young Philharmonic of Lower Silesia, Chamber Choir of Wroclaw Philharmonic and many others.

He has performed at many festivals, inter alia, Wratislavia Cantans, Festival of Jewish Culture in Cracow, Festival Gaude Mater, Silesia Sonans, Legnica Cantat, Moniuszko Festival w Kudovw, The Review of Stage Songs in Wroclaw, Festival „Singer’s Warsaw” and festivals in Madrid, Wiesbaden, Riga, Nancy, Berlin and Tallinn.

He has conducted concerts in philharmonics in Poland and abroad. He has performed many times in most European countries as well as China. He has conducted such operas as St. Moniuszko’s”The Haunted Manor”, „Nabucco” by G. Verdi, „Manru” by Ignacy Paderewski, „Aida”, „La Traviata”, „Il Trovatore” by G. Verdi and „The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart. He has performed a number of world premieres, among others. „Polish Mass” and „Song of the Oratory of the World” by H.F Tabęcki. He has made recordings for record companies, radio and television broadcasters in Poland and abroad.

He has performed and collaborated with many distinguished artists: Joseph Malovan, Radoslaw Żukowski, Piotr Łykowski, Moshe Stern, Kazimierz Myrlak, Krzysztof Kolberger, Jerzy Mechliński, Lew Kuznietzov, Andor Izsák, Lindsay Davidson, Bente Kahan, Justyna Steczkowska, Adam Hanuszkiewicz, Wieslaw Hejná, Roman Kolakowski and many others.

He is the founder and art director of Tumski Evenings, Hawdala Concerts and Festival of Jewish Culture SIMCHA (with Karolina Szykier-Koszucka) and the author of spectacle “The end of the century — the meeting of cultures”. He has collaborated in execution of grand spectacles, inter alia, “The Angels of Europe”, “Misterium Iniquitatis”, “Requiem Pro Pace”.

In Wroclaw’s Quarter of Mutual Respect he has created the series „The Bible and Music”, initiated the workshop „Sing with a rabbi, a pastor and a priest,” and founded the discussion Salon of the Quarter of Mutual Respect.

He is the art director of PRO ARTE Foundation, the director of Artistic Agency „Art & Business Direction, the board chairman of Wroclaw Foundation of The Quarter of Mutual Respect, the vice president and artistic director of the Foundation „Pro Arte 2002”.

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