An installation taking back in time

On the 70th anniversary of demolition the Great Synagogue we wish to commemorate the existence of the most impressive and the most famous synagogue of pre-war Warsaw.

Wide synagoga rekonstrukcja
“Behind this wall stands the synagogue” — artistic installation

Today, after the redevelopment of Tłomackie Street area, urban changes caused by the war, and the building of Muranów district, it is hard to imagine the exact location, size and shape of the Great Synagogue. Now, “the Blue Tower” (Błękitny Wieżowiec) takes its place. That is the reason why on the 70th anniversary of its demolition we wish to commemorate the existence of the most impressive and the most famous synagogue of pre-war Warsaw. Therefore, we will present an installation created by an architect, Jan Strumiłło.

The main aim of the project is to present the Great Synagogue in its original surrounding. For that reason the whole Tłomackie square and the synagogue will be reconstructed in a scale of 1:10. The walls surrounding the square will be covered with reproductions of pre-war photographs of the facades. The walls are more than human-sized which will make the visitors feel as if they were giants at the real, pre-war square. On the floor we will place black signs and a description of tram lines and street names according to the pre-war city plan.

The real scale of the square will be easy to assess because of its close location to the Institute and its reduced equivalence in the model. The synagogue will be a simplified model where visitors will be able to look inside.We will also reconstruct the interior of the synagogue, with a sound installation replaying a recording of a chanting cantor.

The abstract way of building the model is not supposed to imitate the original — it shall only show the scale. It is impossible to recreate the beauty of the former Synagogue, but the beauty of the wooden model is real and available now.

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