The Great Synagogue — we are announcing a contest!

We are announcing a contest for a conceptual design, which aims to mark and commemorate the presence of the Great Synagogue in the urban space.

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On 16th May, 1943 the Great Synagogue ceased to exist. It was blown up. This act was supposed to symbolise „the Final Solution to the Jewish Question”, suppression of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto and end of the existence of the Jewish quarter in Warsaw.

After the war, the synagogue was expected to be rebuilt. However, in the 1950s a new plan of Bank Square was designed and the idea was given up. The Blue Tower was built in the place of the synagogue. Nowadays, there is no trail of the former presence of the synagogue in the urban space. Only old photographs can bring it back.

That is the reason why we are announcing a contest for a conceptual design, which aims to mark and commemorate the presence (or rather the absence) of the Great Synagogue in the urban space. We also wish to commemorate the residents of Warsaw, the supporters of Reform Judaism who were often distinguished citizens of the city. This way, we wish to honour Jewish Warsaw, not buried with the symbolic act of blowing-up the synagogue.

It is possible to submit all kinds of ideas, conceptual designs from a scenario of an event commemorating the opening day of the synagogue or the day of its destruction, as well as architectural designs, which will permanently mark the absence of the Great Synagogue in the urban space.


Please, read and acquaint yourselves with the competition rules.

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