The art conservation workshop deals with the conservation of objects from all the departments of the Jewish History Institute. 

The conservators-restorers’ tasks include keeping the items in good condition, inventory and assessing the need for future restoration. The conservators also prepare the objects for the exhibitions that take place at the JHI. They are also responsible for securing the items during transport. 

The Conservation team works with both archival documents and works of art — graphics, watercolors, oil paintings, sculptures, photography and even vinyl records.

The conservators try to protect them from the passage of time, for example through continuously assessing the objects’ requirements and controlling the conditions the collection is stored in.  

Their works is essential since the JHI’s collection of judaica is extraordinary, most of the objects are either unique or rarely to be found in other collections around the world. Effective and consistent conservation is thus even more crucial. 

This is a difficult task due to the fact that many documents and pieces of Jewish art are in very poor condition. Their restoration is often extremely complex and requires both expert knowledge and great precision.

 Our conservator-restorers attempt to recreate the original form of the restored objects as closely as possible and also protect them from the destructive effects of the passage of time.

Recently, thanks to the support from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, two unique old prints, from the JHI Library collection, underwent the process of restoration and conservation.

In order to read some of the most damaged documents from the Ringelblum Archive the Conservation Workshop cooperates with the Faculty of Chemistry of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow.

Conservation Workshop

tel.: (22) 827 92 21 ext. 118

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